About Us

We are The Suffering. One of Bloodhoofs longest serving Guilds with core members that have been around since the very beginning. Our Guild is built on the principals of fun, comradeship and the desire to be a part of a team that drives to explore new content and prevail over all challenges placed before us.


To us, a Guild should be formed of players who aren't just interested in epic items, legendary weapons and all things uber. We are not ignorant to the fact that we all need to upgrade our gear and that there are some very tasty items out there. However we realize that we can't get these things without the help of our fellow Guild Members.


We are over 10 years into WoW and have formed a very successful raiding team, clearing all raid content since Vanilla (with the exception of a couple of heroic bosses) and we are steadily progressing through Hellfire (Mythic). We have a stable guild and raid team and we also start our raids a little later to give time for people to get home and relax.


Even though we have a dedicated Raid Team within the guild we are not just a raiding guild and it's not necessary to be a raider to join the guild as we do consider applicants who come highly recommended by existing members or impress us with their application.

If you're thinking of applying to The Suffering then please note:


1) All our applicants go through a 2 month trial. The trial consists of nothing more than getting to know each other, awwww. The only restrictions for an initiate are that you will not have access to the Guild Stash. In general we try not to take on more than 5 people per month so that the guild is not overwhelmed by a flood of new members and the initiate has a better chance to get to know how the guild works and vice versa.


2) Simply being in the guild for your trial period does not guarantee you will become a member. Feedback will be gathered from the guild as a whole before any decision is made - it's a pretty democratic process :). After the trial period has passed, if you have proved yourself to be an all round good 'un and nobody has had any reason to make a complaint, you are promoted to member.


3) Also, if you are not around much, or do not participate in any activities with the guild then it is very hard for us to get to know you and your initiate period is very likely to be extended or failed. 


If you feel you can contribute to The Suffering then please make a post in our Recruitment section using the template. We generally favour players over the age of 21 but if you are under 21 and can display a high level of maturity and common sense then you will be considered.


We won't tolerate whiners, beggars, ninjas, pains in the arse and general idiocy. When you join The Suffering you are an Ambassador for the Guild and you are expected to wear the name with pride and respect for yourself and others, both In-game and on forums.


Welcome   :)