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Pictures That Move!

By jawj a - Posted Sep 20, 13
Time for an update and today we have BIG NEWS! We have a Youtube channel. OMG! Yes, the future is here.
We now have another place for news on the guild to gather dust and be months out of date but this time.... with moving pictures..... *gasp*

Here's a taster of the exciting things you will find there... 

Dark's Leap of Faith

Anyway I am still trying to figure it all out but for now you can check the channel out at

The Norushen kill vid is up and I suppose I may get around to putting the other one shot kill vids from SoO up there too....  

So what's next? Well more of the same! Plenty of wipes and a handful of kills in SoO.

If any non guildies have accidentally stumbled across the page Recruitment is OPEN so feel free to drop us an app!
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