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Something Wicked This Way Comes

By jawj a - Posted Jul 20, 18


Welcome to the home of The Suffering! Don’t worry, we’re not teenage edgelords (sadly quite far from it these days), the name is something to do with Dark Age of Camelot where the roots of the guild were formed. Which gives you some idea of how long we have been knocking about.

If you are an old Sufferer returning for Battle For Azeroth then welcome home!  

If, however, you just happened to stumble across us and also happen to be looking for a new guild to call home well feel free to take a look around. We’re certainly looking for raiders for BFA and are also open for socials too!

Just head over to the forum, sign up and drop us an app.

We’ll probably sort out something on Discord soon too but round here, soon can sometimes mean never, so…

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